Update: As of 1st October 2020, we are no longer rewarding a prize (Titan Autostart Pro Powerball) to the highest score of the month. This is only a temporary decision and we expect to offer a monthly prize again in the near future. Any score entered will still be ranked on our monthly scoreboard and Top 100 scoreboard. 


In the interests of fairness, some basic rules apply;


A) All scores submitted to the scoreboard must originate from an original RPM Sports Powerball product. A full image list of eligible Powerball models will be available shortly (we'll upload a page showing images of all qualifying balls in the next few days, but in the meantime you can submit a score from any 250Hz or 280Hz RPM Sports Powerball model).


B) All scores submitted to either the Monthly or World Record Scoreboards must be accompanied by an image clearly displaying the score achieved.


C) For your convenience, we have made the submitting of videos of your spin optional for most scores.


D) Additionally, any score that qualifies the spin for ANY of the Top 20 positions on the World Record Scoreboard MUST be accompanied by a video, including sound, of:

i) the actual spin itself (this is our preferred option and is compulsory if the score is going to occupy the No. 1 spot on the board)


ii) a video that clearly shows a spin within 1% of the actual score being submitted. Eg: if the score submitted = 15,000rpm, then an accompanying video showing a spin of between 14,775rpm and 14,999rpm will be sufficient to verify the submitted score. (this is acceptable for any score occupying slot No. 2 to No. 20)


E) All videos must be date validated. This can be as simple as holding up a white sheet of paper onto which you have clearly written the date on which you made the spin or a newspaper or magazine showing a current date.


F) As of 1st October 2020, we are no longer rewarding a prize (Titan Autostart Pro Powerball) to the highest score of the month. Any score entered will still be ranked on our monthly scoreboard and Top 100 scoreboard.


G) The current World Spin Speed Record is 17,022rpm. The first VERIFIED spin score submitted to the World Record Scoreboard which exceeds 17,022rpm will win the player a cash prize of up to €10,000.

Note: The cash prize begins at €5000 (on date of launch of the Scoreboards @ April 2018) and increases by €500 each subsequent month up to a maximum of €10,000 or until the record is broken, whichever occurs first.


H) A score shall be deemed to be verified once it has been approved by the admin team. The validation process consists of analysis of the submitted photo and, if required, analysis of the submitted video and/or the sound pitch of the ball during the submitted spin.


I) A player may submit scores to the monthly scoreboard as often as they wish.


K) The Monthly Scoreboards feature a leveling handicap system to encourage our female players to compete on equal terms against our male players on the Monthly Scoreboard. Under this handicap, the system automatically adds 19%* to the monthly score submitted by any female player (*referenced from the  top men’s and ladies scores on the previous World Record Scoreboard).

Note: this 19% ladies handicap bonus is applied ONLY to scores on the monthly board and NOT to main board scores or World Record Spin attempts.


L) As we’re dealing with a piece of hardware / software in the LCD Speed meter on your Powerball, please be aware that the score on the counter can, in rare cases, corrupt and show a totally incorrect reading….leading you to believe that you’ve broken the World Record when in fact you’ve just achieved a good score for a young teenage girl..(humbling, in fairness, but we shall never judge :-)

And of course, there is always the (good) chance that the large cash prize on offer here will draw our Powerballing Photoshop friends and digital effects experts out of the woodwork, eager to work some of their magic on submitted photos and videos…(don’t be that guy…seriously)

In light of this, we simply say that the Powerball Score Moderators will have the last word on whether a score can be deemed valid or not (and of course we’ll always be fair).


M) Lastly, the board moderators reserve the right to add to, or amend these rules if they believe that the sportsmanship or fair play element of The Scoreboards are being adversely affected by any omission or oversight made in this existing rule set. (We are only human after all).

Enjoy the competition and may the best man….or woman…win!